Welcome to Meishai

Where high-perfomance haircare meets the extreme high standards from the Asthma Allergy Nordic certification. Meishai is created from more than 14 years of professional experience in the hair industry and lifelong battle with allergy - by Danish hairstylist Katja Rosasco.

We are proud to offer our consumers and the professionals an high-performance product line with a quality feel, without any concerns about perfumes and allergens.

We use half-liter bottles to limit our plastic consumption. It seemed like the natural choice. It is something most of us use continuously. Our consumers buy larger bottles so we can produce less.

  • Graded A-Kolben by Kemiluppen

    Our Meishai Shampoo and Conditioner has been awarded an A-Kolbe rating by Danish Kemiluppen from Forbrugerrådet Tænk. Which is the best rating to receive. This accolade underscores Meishai as a safe choice for those seeking hair products without any unwanted chemicals. 

  • Asthma Allergy Nordic certified

    When you see the logo on a product you can be sure that the product contains no perfume and that Asthma Allergy Nordic have done a critical assessment of the recipe. Products with the Asthma Allergy Nordic logo are considered beneficial for those who suffer from asthma, allergy or other sensitivity – and for everyone else who wants to avoid perfumes and allergens.