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Each product is carefully formulated for high-performance results, for consumers and the professionals.

Our entire product line is perfume free, free of allergens & hormone disrupting ingredients, vegan, silicone free, free of dyes, free of harsh sulfates - safe during pregnancy

  • Graded A-Kolben by Kemiluppen

    Our Meishai Shampoo and Conditioner has been awarded an A-Kolben rating by Danish Kemiluppen from Forbrugerrådet Tænk. Which is the best rating to receive. This accolade underscores Meishai as a safe choice for those seeking hair products without any unwanted chemicals. 

  • Asthma Allergy Nordic certified

    When you see the logo on a product you can be sure that the product contains no perfume and that Asthma Allergy Nordic have done a critical assessment of the recipe. Products with the Asthma Allergy Nordic logo are considered beneficial for those who suffer from asthma, allergy or other sensitivity – and for everyone else who wants to avoid perfumes and allergens.

Meishai: Beauty and Well-being with Asthma Allergy Nordic Certified Hair Care

Welcome to Meishai, where beauty and well-being meet care for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Our luxurious and allergy-friendly hair care series is created from over a decade of professional experience and a lifelong battle with allergies. With us, you get a quality experience without worrying about perfumes and allergens.

Asthma and Allergy Nordic Certified: Quality and Assurance

We take pride in offering our customers and professionals hair care that is Asthma Allergy Nordic certified - without compromising on quality or design. Meishai believes in a new way of thinking and creating allergy-friendly hair products, and we look forward to sharing our vision with you.

Meishai and Environmental Awareness

Meishai is created with the philosophy that less is more. We include only the most essential elements in and around our products. This goal is a part of our entire process - from production to choice of packaging - and it also involves how you, as a customer, receive our products.

We encourage our customers to become more conscious of what they put on their bodies and to buy better, so we buy less. Our motto is: Have a little - but the good stuff. It is with this mindset that Meishai is created. We continue to incorporate environmentally friendly choices into our brand and support those who develop better and more sustainable solutions for us all.

Less Plastic, More Product

Our half-liter bottles are part of our efforts to limit plastic consumption. It's something most of us use continuously. By buying larger quantities, we can produce less plastic and make a positive difference together.

Meishai Products: Gentle Care for Your Hair

1. Allergy-friendly Shampoo: Gentle for All Hair Types

Our Asthma Allergy Nordic certified shampoo provides gentle and effective cleansing without worries about perfumes and allergens. Meishai Shampoo is a mild fragrance-free shampoo with a creamy and pleasant lather that provides effective care for your hair and scalp. We've chosen a foaming agent that is more natural and environmentally friendly, ensuring that the scalp and hair are not stripped of their natural moisture, compared to traditional foaming agents. Healthy hair largely starts with a healthy scalp.

2: Allergy-friendly Treatment: Extra Care for Your Hair

Our treatment is a fragrance-free treatment designed to provide extra care and nourishment to the hair without challenging allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Meishai Treatment is a mild fragrance-free and Asthma Allergy Nordic certified hair treatment, developed to provide intensive and effective care for your hair. Thanks to the composition of the ingredients, Meishai Treatment helps to rebuild and repair damaged hair.

3. Allergy-friendly Conditioner: Deep Moisture and Care

Our Asthma Allergy Nordic certified conditioner delivers intense moisture and care without added perfumes and allergens. Meishai Conditioner is a mild fragrance-free conditioner, created for gentle and effective hair care. It provides a softening effect for your hair. It is enriched with natural actives that help to care for and protect the hair.

4. The Meishai Experience: Complete Hair Care in One Package

Get the best from Meishai with our complete package. Includes our Asthma Allergy Nordic certified shampoo, conditioner, and treatment for a complete hair care experience.

Experience the gentle and effective hair care from Meishai, where quality, well-being, and consideration for the environment go hand in hand. Choose Meishai and let your hair radiate its authentic beauty completely free from allergens.