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The Meishai experience

The Meishai experience

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"The Meishai Experience" is our hair care routine created out of love for healthy hair and clean beauty. Our shampoo nourishes your scalp and gently cleanses your hair. Next, our Treatment opens the outer layer of your hair to rebuild, repair, and strengthen it from within, and finally, our Conditioner seals and protects your hair, leaving it silky soft.

We hope that every time you use Meishai, you will be reminded that you are enough. That it's okay to slow down and allow yourself to take a break and simply enjoy being present, right here and right now.

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The Meishai Experience: Asthma Allergy Nordic certified hair care

At Meishai, we take pride in offering our customers hair care that is Asthma Allergy Nordic certified without compromising on quality or design. We believe in a new approach to create hair products and hope to share our vision with you.

The Meishai Experience: Your path to healthy hair and natural beauty

Our Asthma Allergy Nordic hair care series is created with love for healthy hair and pure beauty. It includes three hair care products, all of which are Asthma Allergy Nordic certified, and are designed to provide the best and purest hair care routine for you.

1. Meishai Shampoo - for cleansing

Meishai Shampoo is gentle yet effective. The creamy lather offers gentle care for both your hair and scalp. We have chosen a foaming agent that is more natural and environmentally friendly to help preserve the natural moisture of your scalp as opposed to traditional foaming agents.

2. Meishai Treatment - for repairing and strengthening

Meishai Treatment is developed to provide intensive care for your hair. Thanks to our plant-based Rep'Hair®, almond oil, and coconut oil, Meishai Treatment helps to rebuild, repair, and strengthen damaged hair. It opens the outer layer of the hair to strengthen it from within, leaving your hair strong and well-nourished with a natural shine. It suits all hair types, but is especially suitable for damaged or dry hair.

3. Meishai Conditioner - for sealing and protecting

Meishai Conditioner steps in to seal and protect your hair. Enriched with natural active ingredients like almond oil, glycerin, and Pentavitin®, it ensures intense moisture for your hair, leaving it silky smooth and easy to style.

The ultimate three-step guide to healthy hair care

With over a decade in the hair industry, we have created a guide to the right hair care routine to provide valuable insights. The secret to healthy hair lies not in using countless products, but rather in using the right products and possessing the right knowledge. With our guide, we guarantee that you will get the best result out of 'The Meishai Experience'.