We spoke with  Medical Doctor, Gro Christoffersen about "Why she chooses clean beauty products."

We spoke with Medical Doctor, Gro Christoffersen about "Why she chooses clean beauty products."

What does clean beauty mean to you? - and why is it important to you? 

For me, ‘clean beauty’ relates to what a certain product consists and how it is made. I prefer products that are “simple” – that only contains substances that are necessary but at the same time are as efficient as possible. I value transparency regarding the list of ingredients, and that there are no problematic substances in the product. It can be extremely difficult for consumers, such as myself, to venture through a list of ingredients, and know for example “is this safe for me to use when I have allergies?” or “can I use this product when I am pregnant?”. It is paramount to feel safe while using a certain product and that is why I prefer to use products with a logo from The Danish Asthma and Allergy Association. This makes it easy for me to choose beauty or haircare products and feel comfortable and safe while using them. 

Why is it important for you to choose products without perfume/fragrance? 

I started preferring products that does not contain perfume some years ago, but it definitely became more important to me when I knew that we wanted a child within the nearby future. 

Unwanted chemicals, such as perfumes, are everywhere. We know that children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to these problematic substances. The number of people, including children, that struggle with allergies towards perfumes have increased in the recent years, which I find troublesome. I want to make a confident choice when choosing beauty and haircare products, that are good for myself, my loved ones and for the world in which we live. 

What is it that you love about The Meishai haircare series? - and why? 

There are many things I love about The Meishai haircare series, but manly that it is free of perfume, has a logo from The Danish Asthma and Allergy Association, and that it is “simple” and straightforward. There is beauty in the simplicity. 

After becoming a mother, I value the occasional “me-time” even more. For me haircare is very much the equivalent to selfcare, and I think everybody needs these moments of selfcare, no matter what form it takes. I believe that haircare products can be both luxurious and at the same time minimalistic in terms of minimizing abundance of ingredients. I think that The Meishai series fulfill this amiable quality. 

What is the biggest different you feel after using Meishai?

After starting using Meishai products I felt a rather strong effect in terms of softness, shine and more “calm” hair structure. I have thick curly hair, which often can become rather frizzy, and therefore I previously felt like I needed a lot more products to make it look “healthy”. This I do not have a need for anymore after starting using Meishai. Now I often prefer to leave my hair completely without styling products. 

Do think we will see more and more choosing cleaner products in the future? 

I very much hope so. Regarding products that contain perfume, we know that perfume is one of the most frequent causes of allergic contact dermatitis in Denmark, where approximately 5% of the Danish population suffers from perfume allergy. I would love to see more consumers choosing products without perfume and giving the industry a gentle push in that direction.

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