What is beauty to you? - by Camille Fischer, holistic skin therapist

What is beauty to you? - by Camille Fischer, holistic skin therapist


To me, beauty is when we dare to be ourselves. I have realized it, through my work, in the beauty industry over the past 12 years.
Throughout the years I asked myself, if I was in the right line of work, because I had a hard time identifying with the industry. But now I know that I am part of something bigger. I understood why I was doubting. I sought a deeper beauty, than what we are able to see on the surface of one another.
My own personal development over the past 10 years, made me realize how important our thoughts and emotions are to our beauty. That it is about whether we feel beautiful and free to be ourselves. That is why my contribution to the beauty industry is to embrace yourself and everything that you are - to see you and your authenticity.

In a world where we are best served with hiding our emotions, and with the idea of one size fits all, we often end up feeling wrong and unworthy. When we fail to embrace our emotions, what happens is, we shut down parts of ourselves and a separation appears within us. This blockage can leave us an experiencing a feeling of unease and inadequacy - as if something is missing within us. At the same time, if we do not acknowledge and accept our emotions, stagnation and discomfort can occur in the body. This stagnatio blocks the energy flow and as a result we might experience skin issues, hair conditions or our digestion gets challenged - you name it, the symptoms are many. This brings me to the act of self care and how it will allow your beauty to shine.

Through self care we have a gentler way to access suppressed and neglected emotions. When we lovingly begin to listen to ourselves and acknowledge how we actually feel, we start to know our boundaries, what we desire in life and who we really are. What is going to release the energy and set you free is the love and care you have for yourself. That is how you can reach your full potential and how your authenticity will unfold.
And to me, it is in your authenticity, which I see your beauty.

Love, Camille

Owner of
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