Founder of Meishai, Katja Rosasco's philosophy about haircare.

Founder of Meishai, Katja Rosasco's philosophy about haircare.

For 13 years I have worked as a hairstylist. My philosophy about hair is, that I see the hair as an extension of the person sitting in my chair. Our hair reacts a lot more to how we feel inside, than we think. It has therefore always been about helping my clients to find themselves. To become a little bit more in love with who they are and what they have. 
Our hair is one of the biggest accessories around our face - there is so much personality in it and I believe our hair means a lot, for the greater part of us, it's therefore worth investing in. You don’t need a lot of products - but you need the right ones and the right knowledge. It is not always about buying more products to get “the perfect hair” - but rather buying fewer and better. This is my vision with Meishai. A small and exclusive series of products made from the best ingredients for you and your hair. 

First and foremost healthy hair starts with being good to yourself, especially in tougher times. (and we all go through them). We live in a time where no one has time. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take time to care for yourself. This can mean various things for each and one of us - but the answer lies within ourselves.

A haircare routine doesn’t need to be difficult and require a lot of steps. I will let you in on my own personal routine and you might be surprised how simple it is. 

  1. A great shampoo, that cleans gently and thoroughly and will leave the hair and scalp with its own natural moisture.
  2. A repairing treatment, that opens up the hair to give strength and moisture from within and leaves it stronger and more shiny. - This step I do twice a month, since I don't color my hair. If the hair is colored - especially bleached. I would recommend using treatment once a week.
  3. A moisturizing conditioner, that will close and protect the hair after shampoo or treatment and leave the hair soft.
  4. A great hair cut.

We have created the first 3 steps for you in our Meishai series. Meishai has been created from my own needs - due to my own allergy, I have always felt I had to compromise with my own haircare. That’s why I have always had a big love for products without unnecessary ingredients, perfume and which could be Asthma Allergy Nordic Certified. This certification is the hardest to obtain with it’s very strict demands to the ingredients list - and that’s why you don’t see it on a lot of products, but this certification gives me the confidence to use the products with no worries. So without further ado, it’s with great joy to introduce The Meishai Series, that will leave your hair and scalp healthy and beautiful - without perfume, scent or unnecessary ingredients. 

From my experience healthy hair is related to our well-being, to give ourselves time for self-love and of course with help from caring haircare products. 
I hope every time you use Meishai, you will be reminded that it’s perfectly okay to slow down and take time to do the things that makes you happy - you deserve it. Life it not a race, but rather an opportunity to experience life, right here, right now and embrace who you were created to be.


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