Embrace yourself

Embrace yourself

First of all, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking your time on our website.

2 years ago, I had the first meeting, regarding me wanting to create Meishai, and it is so unreal to finally be able to share it all with you. So many hours have been spent, so much research, so much testing and so much learning and growing.
I wanna share some of my feelings and thoughts throughout this journey.

I feel sad to know that we have defined what is right and wrong in beauty and in life. That has left a lot of people feeling insecure. Meishai is on a mission; Changing the way we see beauty (ourselves) No more rules that makes us feel like we are not good enough or makes us insecure about ourselves, no more rules that makes us all end up looking or living like each other. We have to start embracing who we were created to be and always remember that no one is or looks like you, and that is your beauty.
We owe ourselves, each other, and our younger generation to change the picture we have painted. We should embrace and accept our differences, create more understanding of who we are and not who we think we should be. We need to look within and find our true self and purpose. It sounds simple, right? - but yet we all struggle with this. In my mind beauty cannot be defined, nor should anyone try to - because beauty is you, it’s me, it is all of us - beauty is free and so are you.

Meishai is the culmination of my inward journey that I have been on for the past years.
It is the story of how I learned to set myself free and love myself for who I truly am and how I am still working with it. I am finally ready to share this journey with all of you and the best way I know to express it, is through my passion for hair and beauty.

* Meaning of Embrace yourself - to embrace yourself means to let go of harsh self-recrimination and happily accept your own identity and uniqueness.


Love, Katja

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